Class 323 at Barnt Green 323215 at Barnt Green, with the 11.00 Redditch to Lichfield Trent Valley, on 2 May 1994.
Class 92 at Crewe The Class 92 electric locomotives were built with dual 25kV and 750V 3rd rail capability, for working trains through the Channel Tunnel, which opened in 1994. Some, including 92006, pictured here at Crewe International Electric Depot on 15 October, were initially owned by French National Railways (SNCF).
Class 37 at Saltash 37673 and 37521 crossing Brunel's Royal Albert Bridge over the River Tamar, between Devon and Cornwall, with a westbound train of china clay empties on 24 September 1994.
Class 309 at Preston The Class 309 units were built to operate services between London and Clacton. When they were replaced by new Class 321 units on that route, some Class 309s were transferred to Northwest England. 309627 is seen here at Preston, having arrived with the 15.47 from Penrith on 15 October.

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