Class 141 at Knaresborough A Class 141 crosses Knaresborough Viaduct with the 12.03 to Leeds, on 15 August 1992. The Class 141s were intended to be a low-cost replacement for the diesel multiple unit trains built in the late 50s and early 60s, and were based on a bus body mounted on a 4-wheel chassis. They have now all been withdrawn, and were outlived by a few of the trains they were meant to replace. Later developments of the bus body concept (Classes 142, 143 and 144) have been slightly more successful.
Northern line train at Barnet A London Underground Northern Line train of '1959' stock at the High Barnet terminus, with a service for Morden, on 21 June 1992.
Class 122 at Looe Single-car Class 122 diesel unit 55006 at the Cornish branch-line terminus at Looe, on 13 June, with the 17.35 service to Liskeard. These units, built in 1958 and popularly known as 'bubble cars' were regular performers on branch lines in the West of England until their replacement by modern units in the mid-1990s.
HST at Par An InterCity 125 High Speed Train arriving at Par, in Cornwall, with the 08.40 Penzance to London (Paddington) on 13 June. The branch line to Newquay can be seen curving away to the right of the picture.

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