Class 158 at Marsden A pair of Class 158 units emerge from Standedge Tunnel at Marsden, on 16 February 1991, working the 12.25 Liverpool - York, shortly after these units had been introduced on Trans-Pennine Express services.
Class 205 at Salisbury Diesel-electric multiple unit 205032 at Salisbury, with the 13.05 to Reading on 23 March. These units are known as "thumpers" because of their distinctive engine noise, and used to operate services on non-electrified lines on BR's Southern Region. Only a few survived into the 21st century, and they have now been replaced by more modern units such as Class 159 and Class 170.
Class 50 at Salisbury The Class 50 locomotives saw out their last days in regular service on the Waterloo to Exeter route. This is 50027 "Lion" at Salisbury on 23 March 1991.
Class 91 at Glasgow Central Class 91 locomotives, working push-pull with Mk4 coaches, were introduced to the newly-electrified East Coast Main Line in 1989. ECML electric services were extended to Glasgow Central in the summer of 1991, and 91022 is seen here at the rear of the 18.00 to Leeds on 13 July.

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