Class 47 near York In the mid-1980s, BR reorganised itself into business sectors, and by 1988 new liveries were beginning to appear. This Newcastle to Liverpool service, at Skelton, north of York, was operated by Provincial Services, but the locomotive, 47618 "Fair Rosamund" was one borrowed from InterCity. The date was 10 January 1988.
Class 37 at Oban In the days when there were still 'real' trains on the West Highland lines, 37401 "Mary, Queen of Scots" sits at Oban with the 11.00 to Glasgow (Queen Street) on 3 July, 1988. Sprinter trains (Class 156) took over duties on this route from January 1989.
DMU at Preston A pair of first-generation diesel multiple units at Preston on 21 May. The unit nearest the camera is a hybrid 2-car unit comprising Gloucester RC&W no. 53355 and Cravens no. 53812. Both cars were among the last of their respective types to remain in service.
Class 319 at Blackfriars Dual-voltage 319002, in Network SouthEast colours, arriving at Blackfriars (London) on the 17.07 Orpington to Cricklewood service on 10 September.

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