class 84, Crewe 84010 at Crewe, after taking over from a diesel locomotive on the 09.16 (Saturdays Only) Llandudno - London (Euston) service, on 22 September 1979. The Class 84 locomotives were introduced in 1960 for the first stages of the West Coast Main Line electrification, and had all been withdrawn from service by 1980.
Class 24, Crewe Works 24081 at Crewe Works, at the Open Day on 22 September. At the time, it was the only Class 24 remaining in service, and was withdrawn the following year.
Class 46, Teignmouth 46041 at Teignmouth on 18 August, with the 09.20 Paignton to Derby service.
Class 33, Weymouth One of the more unusual workings on the British Rail network was the Channel Islands boat train which ran through the streets of Weymouth. This is 33103, seen in Corporation Street, with the afternoon Weymouth Quay to Waterloo service on 2 June 1979.

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