class 40 40093, Annan 40093 stands at Annan, at the head of the 10.45 Glasgow Central to Carlisle, on 31 May 1978.
class 313, Finsbury Park 313026 on a Moorgate train at Finsbury Park, in North London, on 9 October.
class 46, Dawlish 46010 emerging from one of the tunnels between Dawlish and Teignmouth, with the 07.56 Cardiff Central to Plymouth, on 28 August.
class 47, Lancaster In the late 1970s, a number of trains between Liverpool, Crewe, Preston and Barrow were locomotive-hauled with good quality Mk2 coaching stock. Here, 47447 arrives at Lancaster with the 08.18 Barrow to Preston, while 47496 awaits departure in the opposite platform with the 09.20 Lancaster to Barrow.
30 May 1978.

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