class 71, class 73, Stewarts Lane 71009 and 73122 stand outside Stewarts Lane depot in South London, June 1975
class 20, Westhouses Class 20s and a Class 47 at Westhouses depot near Alfreton, in March 1975
class 45, Carlisle 45035 waiting to take over the southbound "Thames-Clyde Express" at Carlisle on 24 October.
class 27, Glasgow 27110 arriving at Glasgow Queen Street with a service from Edinburgh on 26 April 1975. There would have been a Class 27/2 locomotive at the rear of the train.
Class 45 at Carlisle "Peak" 45061 at Carlisle on 24 October, after arriving with train 1M03, the 09.30 from Glasgow Central via Dumfries.

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