Class 45 at Carlisle Class 45 no.27 arrives at Carlisle with the morning Leeds to Glasgow train, May 1974
Class 82, Class 86 at Carlisle 82002 is stabled on one of the centre roads at Carlisle while a Class 86 arrives in the platform with a Glasgow to Birmingham train in May 1974.
Class 83 at Kingmoor 83003 with a train of empty coaching stock at Kingmoor, north of Carlisle, on 11 May 1974.
Class 31 at Morecambe 31163 stands at the buffers at the old Morecambe station in May 1974. The loco would have worked in on a Summer Saturday service from Yorkshire. The old station closed in 1994, to be replaced by a much smaller station.
Class 37 at Kingmoor 37148 at Kingmoor Depot, Carlisle, on 11 May 1974. This was an Open Day at the depot to mark the start of electric services on the West Coast Main Line between Crewe and Glasgow.

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