These are some of my earliest photographs, taken at the age of 13 with a cheap camera, and I will admit that the quality is not that good, even after considerable digital doctoring.

Class 50 at Lancaster Class 50 locomotives in pairs were the normal motive power for Euston - Glasgow expresses at this time. This photo shows a pair heading south at Scotforth, south of Lancaster, with a Glasgow to Euston train in 1972. Electrification work had not yet started, but new cable troughs can be seen in readiness for the resignalling which preceded electrification.
Class 26 at Carlisle A Class 26 locomotive, number 5339, stands in one of the north end bay platforms at Carlisle at the head of the 20.33 mail and passenger service to Perth. The date is August 1973.
Class 50 at Carlisle By the summer of 1973, electrification work was in progress at Carlisle, and less than a year remained of diesel haulage over Shap. An unidentified Class 50 awaits departure with the 18.03 to Crewe.
Class 86 at Preston Meanwhile, electric trains had started working to Preston in June 1973. Here, 86016 arrives at Preston from the south with a special train in August 1973.
Class 55 Deltic at Edinburgh "Deltic" Class 55 number 9005 "The Prince of Wales's Own Regiment of Yorkshire" awaits departure from Edinburgh with a train to London (King's Cross) in August 1973.

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