Deltic at York Deltic 55009 "Alycidon" departs from York with the 14.00 King's Cross to Aberdeen on 17 July 1976. This locomotive was preserved, and is now passed for running on Network Rail routes.
Class 40, York 40145, also photographed at York on 17 July 1976, and also now preserved and passed for running on Network Rail.
Class 24, Haymarket 24094 at Haymarket depot, Edinburgh on 4 September
Class 86, Lancaster 86258 arrives at Lancaster with the 07.31 Carlisle to London (Euston) on 24 October.
Leicester Depot A view of Leicester depot on Saturday 13 November. As it was a weekend, there were many locos present, including classes 25, 45, 47 and 08.

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