With several new franchises/operators beginning their services at the end of 2007, a number of new liveries appeared during 2008.

Grand Central 43084 at York

Grand Central began their much-delayed Sunderland to London service at the end of 2007, but rolling stock shortages and reliability problems meant that cancellations and temporary timetables were in force for the first half of 2008. On 9 March 2008, HST power car 43084 was at the head of the 13.42 Sunderland to King's Cross, seen at York.

London Midland Class 170 at Birmingham New Street

London Midland is the new operator of services in the Midlands previously operated by Central Trains or Silverlink. 170507, in the new livery, awaits departure from Birmingham New Street on 19 June, with the 17.24 to Shrewsbury.

East Midlands Trains Class 156 at Lincoln

A single-car Class 153 and a two-car Class 156 are stabled in one of the bay platforms at Lincoln on the evening of 15 July. Both units are painted in the colours of Stagecoach, the parent company of new franchisee East Midlands Trains. The semaphore signals were demolished a few days after this photo was taken.

Cross Country Class 220 at York

Arriva Cross Country took over some of the services previously operated by Virgin and Central Trains. 220034 was one of the first units to appear in the new Cross-Country livery, and is seen here at York, forming the 14.05 Edinburgh to Plymouth, on 26 July.

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