Switzerland - Rhätische Bahn (Rhaetian Railway) (RhB)

Four pages are necessary to illustrate the variety of Swiss trains. Other pages show Federal Railways, BLS or other private railways

One of the Rhätische Bahn's then-new Ge4/4III class locomotives heads the 'Bernina Express' 07.52 Chur to St Moritz and Tirano, seen at Thusis on 25 September 1995.
701 'Raetia' at the head of the 11.05 to Chur, at St Moritz on 27 May 1991.
The Arosa branch runs through the streets of Chur, where ABDe4/4 number 482 is seen approaching the main station on 24 September 1995, with the 14.00 from Arosa.
Most of the RhB's routes run through highly scenic landscapes, but the Bernina line which runs between St Moritz and Tirano (just over the border in Italy) is the most spectacular. This picture shows the 08.40 Tirano to St Moritz service on the climb to the Bernina Pass on 27 May 1991, being hauled by motor coach no. 52.
RhB Ge4/4 II at Samedan Ge4/4II number 626 "Malans" approaching Samedan in the snow, on 24 February 2002, in charge of the 13.04 from Pontresina to Scuol-Tarasp.

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