The Price Parentage

Price is a Welsh surname deriving from 'ap Rhys', meaning 'son of Rhys'

Thomas Price [my 6x gt-grandfather]

A Thomas Price, son of William Price of Welshpool, was apprenticed to Samuel Russell, barber of Hereford, on 31 March 1737. He was admitted as a Freeman of the city in 1744

Thomas married Mary Eastman at Dinedor, Herefordshire, on 3 April 1751

Note: unusually large gap between marriage and birth of first known child

Thomas and Mary appear to have had at least six children (spelling of the surname varies as shown):

  1. Sarah Prise, born 12 October 1762
  2. Thomas Eastman Price, born 26 November 1763
  3. Eastman Prise, born 16 September 1766 (see below)
  4. Frances Prise, born 25 December 1768
  5. William Eastman Prise, born 4 May 1772
  6. Edward Eastman Prise, born 12 January 1774


Eastman Price (1766 - ?)

Eastman was born in Hereford on 16 September 1766.

He married Elizabeth Carwardine, the daughter of Lancelot Carwardine, on 6th October 1787, at Ledbury, Herefordshire. They may have had some children while they were living in Herefordshire, which I have not discovered, but by 1797 they had moved to Chelsea, Middlesex, where 5 children were born:

  1. Eastman Price, born 16 May 1797. Married Jane Tasker and moved to Newcastle-upon-Tyne
  2. Ann Price, baptised 31 August 1800
  3. Mary Eastman Price, baptised 13 February 1803
  4. Edward Eastman Price, born 8 September 1805 (see below)
  5. Sarah Eastman Price, born 9 December 1808


Edward Eastman Price (1805 - 1878)

Edward was born in Chelsea, Middlesex, on 8th September 1805, the second son of Eastman and Elizabeth Price, and was christened at St Luke's parish church on 20th October of the same year.

He married Elizabeth Lockyer on 21st August, 1825, at St James's church, Clerkenwell. Edward and Elizabeth both described themselves as 'of this parish' (i.e. Clerkenwell) in the marriage register.

Edward and Elizabeth had 5 children. Most, if not all, were born in Pimlico, Middlesex:

  1. Richard Lockyer Price, born 5 February 1828 (see below)
  2. Edward Lacey Price, born 31 August 1829. Married Eliza Fanny Lewis, and became an oil and colour merchant in Pimlico.
  3. William Price, born 29 April 1831. Emigrated to Australia, and married Letitia Elizabeth Gibbons in Sydney.
  4. Sarah Price, born 6 December 1839
  5. Sophia Price, born 29 January 1841

The family lived in Ebury Street, Pimlico, from 1829 or earlier. Their address was initially 81 Upper Ebury Street, but following re-numbering in the late 1860s this became 160 Ebury Street. The site is now occupied by a block of flats, on the corner of Ebury Street and Eaton Terrace.

Edward became a master baker, and by 1851 the household included two journeyman bakers and a general servant. The 1871 census describes him as 'Baker employing 4 men and 1 boy'. By this time, his wife had died and his children had all left home, but there were seven non-family members living with Edward: his housekeeper (Sarah Hodges, from his mother's home town of Ledbury), two journeyman bakers, a baker's boy, a shop assistant and a general servant.

Edward died at home on 16th June 1878. The cause of death shown on the certificate is rather colourful: 'Disease of Liver, Vomiting Blood, Dropsy and Exhaustion'. His estate amounted to almost £8,000, a lot of money in those days. His second son Edward was the main beneficiary in his will, but he also bequeathed £1000 to his other sons, £1200 to his housekeeper, and £1200 to his daughter Sarah. He also left his gold watch to his eldest son, Richard.


Richard Lockyer Price (1828 - 1883)

Richard was born in Pimlico on 5th February 1828, the first child of Edward Eastman and Elizabeth Lockyer Price. He was christened at St Luke's, Chelsea, along with his younger brother Edward, on 2nd January 1830.

As a child, he lived at 81 Upper Ebury Street, Pimlico. During his late teens he went to sea, as a ship's cook - family tradition has it that he ran away from home. The registration of seamen which commenced in the 1840s provides some interesting information about Richard: that he was 5ft 5in tall, had a fair complexion, light brown hair and blue eyes, and he could write. His date of birth is shown as 5 February 1827 - perhaps he had lied about his age.

In 1847 he fathered an illegitimate child, Alfred, to Mary Ann Lovell, of Southampton. Mary was the daughter of Thomas Lovell, a carpenter. It would appear that, when he was not at sea, he continued to live with his parents rather than with the mother of his son - certainly he was with his parents in Pimlico at the time of the 1851 census.

He eventually married Mary Ann Lovell on 31st July 1855, at St Mary's church, Southampton, and it seems that by then they were living together - the address of both bride and groom was given as 1 Wyatt Court, Southampton. Richard and Mary appear to have had two children:

  1. Alfred Lovell Price, born 1847 (see below)
  2. Edward William Price, born 1 November 1858. Became a baker & confectioner in Liverpool. Married Mary Walmsley.

At the time of Edward's birth, the family were living at 2 Duke of York Street, Southampton. In 1861 they were at 2 Orchard Lane, Southampton.

By 1867 the family had moved north to Liverpool, initially living at 15 Shadwell Street. Gore's Directory of Liverpool gives Richard's occupation as 'ship's cook'. In 1871 they were living at 6 Horatio Street, but at the time of the census, Richard was not present. Richard and Mary were still at Horatio Street in 1881, when Richard's occupation was described as 'cook and confectioner'.

Some surviving Liverpool ships' crew lists contain records of voyages made by Richard. On 9th May 1867 he joined the steamship Athenian of the African Steamship Company, as cook. It sailed on 10th May to the African coast. Richard was discharged in Sierra Leone on 27th May, "unable to do duty through injured leg". On 10th April 1876 he he joined the steamship European, which sailed two days later to Bombay, where it arrived on 15th May. His return journey began on 9th June, called in the port of Aden on 21st June, and arrived back in Liverpool on 16th July.

Richard died at home on 24th December 1883: cause of death was 'heart disease'. His estate, which passed to his widow, was valued at £594 16s 11d.

Note: I am not certain that Richard is Alfred's father. Although Alfred's marriage certificate names his father as Richard Lockyer Price, Richard did not marry Alfred's mother Mary until several years after his birth

Alfred Lovell Price (1847 - 1928)

Alfred was born to Mary Ann Lovell, probably in December 1847 (his birth does not appear to have been registered, either as Price or Lovell), in Southampton. The 1851 census recorded him, as Alfred Lovell, living at 2 St George's Place, Southampton, where his unmarried mother ran a lodging house (perhaps his father had been a lodger there). By the time his mother married, in 1855, he was living at 1 Wyatt Court, Southampton, and 3 years later he was at 2 Duke of York Street. In the 1861 census he is shown with the occupation of carver & gilder, at the age of just 13.

By 1867 he had moved north with his parents to Liverpool (probably due to his father's maritime connections), where he continued to work as a gilder. His marriage certificate shows his address as Queen Street. On 6th September 1869 he married Catherine Lee at St Nicholas's church, Liverpool. Catherine was the daughter of William Lee, a shoemaker, and his wife Ellen.

In 1871, Alfred was living at 6 Horatio Street, Liverpool, along with his wife and first son, brother Edward, mother, and both parents-in-law. By the time their second son was born in 1872, Alfred and Catherine had moved to Lancaster.

Alfred and Catherine had nine children, eight boys and one girl, all being born in Lancaster except for Richard, who was born in Liverpool.

  1. Richard Price ("Dick"), born 5 July 1870. Married Alice Physick. Became a gilder and Methodist preacher in Lancaster.
  2. William Price ("Will"), born 17 July 1872. Married Clara Wolfendale. Worked as an assistant picture framer for his father, and later took over the business.
  3. Edward Price ("Ted"), born 27 October 1874 (see below)
  4. James Price ("Jim"), born 14 October 1876. Married Sarah Greaves and moved to Liverpool.
  5. John Price ("Jack"), born 22 September 1878. Married Ellen Shaw and emigrated to Esquimalt, Vancouver Island.
  6. Mary Ellen Price ("Molly"), born 10 August 1880. Became a midwife. Lived in Laindon, Essex, for most of her life.
  7. Alfred Price ("Alf"), born 12 July 1882. Fought in the Boer War and First World War. Lived with his sister Mary Ellen in Laindon.
  8. Arthur Price, born 10 August 1884. Worked for most of his life in the Post Office in Lancaster. Married Jane Eccles. Served in the First World War.
  9. Herbert Price ("Bert"), born 5 November 1887. Worked for the Post Office, moving to London in about 1913. Served in the First World War and as a Chief ARP Warden in the Second World War. Married Harriet Mary Ward. Awarded MBE in 1945
Price family A L Price
The Price family circa 1894:
Richard, William, James, John, Mary Ellen
Arthur, Alfred, Catherine, Alfred, Edward, Herbert
Alfred L Price

The family lived at a succession of different addresses in Lancaster over the years, including 37 Church Street, 13 North Edward Street, 20 Chapel Street, 19 Chapel Street, 13 Chapel Street and 33 Blade Street. At some time, Alfred worked as a foreman at the renowned furniture manufacturers Gillow's, but by 1882 he had started his own business as a carver, gilder and picture-frame maker at 37 Church Street (which later became 22 Lower Church Street). By 1896 the business had moved to 8 New Street (in later years occupied by Lawson's toy shop).

Alfred became a freemason in the Duke of Lancaster lodge, and served in the capacity of Inner Guard (1887-88), Junior Deacon (1888-89), Junior Warden (1889-90), Senior Warden (1890-91) and Worshipful Master (1891-92).

After his wife's death in 1898, he moved to 38 Dallas Road, Lancaster. He married again on 10 April 1901: his second wife was Ellen Powell Miller, of Nook Cottage, Caton, near Lancaster. The wedding took place at High Street Congregationalist Chapel, Lancaster.

Alfred died on 5th February 1928, aged 80, at home in Dallas Road. In his will, he left the picture-framing business to his son William, and his house and contents to his wife. The remainder of his estate was to be invested in order to provided an income for his widow, and upon her death this trust estate was to be divided into 8 equal parts, and paid to his daughter (2 parts), his five surviving sons (other than William) and his step-niece Lillian Miller. His son Edward had pre-deceased him: Edward's widow received nothing.

advert for A. L. Price

advert for A. L. Price

Advert in Wells's Lancaster & District Directory, 1889
Advert in Cook's Lancaster Trades Directory, 1899

Edward Price (1874 - 1923)

Edward was born on 27th October 1874, at 12 West Terrace, Lune Road, Lancaster, the third son of Alfred Lovell Price and his wife Catherine.

As a child he lived at various addresses in Lancaster, and immediately before his marriage he was living at 33 Blade Street with his father. By that time he was working as a joiner.

He married Mary Jane Roberts at Christ Church, Lancaster, on 29 June 1898. Mary Jane was the daughter of George and Jane Maudsley Roberts, of 38 Primrose Street, Lancaster.

Following their marriage, Edward and Mary Jane initially lived at 38 Primrose Street with Mary Jane's mother, but later moved to 1 Vine Street, Lancaster, and then 33 Mersey Street, Preston. By 1910 they had returned to Lancaster, and lived at 28 Avondale Road, and later (by 1914) 18 Avondale Road.

Edward and Mary Jane had 6 children. All were born in Lancaster, except for Arthur, who was born in Preston.

  1. Laura Violet Price, born 7 May 1899 (see below)
  2. Edward Lovell Price ("Ted"), born 9 May 1902. Married Doris Bell.
  3. Arthur Price, born 31 August 1904. Married Gladys Stanfield.
  4. Catherine Price ("Kitty"), born 5 November 1910. Married Harold Riley.
  5. Mary Jane Price ("Molly"), born 25 June 1914. Married James Stollard.
  6. John Price ("Jack"), born 12 June 1917. Married Ena Bell.

Edward continued to work as a joiner until his death due to brain haemorrhage at the age of 48. He died at home, 18 Avondale Road, on 12 September 1923, and was buried at Lancaster Cemetery.


Laura Violet Price (1899 - 1988)

Laura was born on 7th May 1899, at 38 Primrose Street, Lancaster, the first child of Edward and Mary Jane Price. She was christened at Christ Church, Lancaster, on 3rd June, 1899.

By the time she was five years old, the family had moved to 33 Mersey Street, Preston, but they later returned to Lancaster, to live in Avondale Road. After her father's death, the family moved to 91 Dale Street, a large terraced house owned by her mother's sister, Annie Roberts. The move may have been so that Laura's mother, Mary Jane, could look after her sister Annie, who had become ill. After leaving school, Laura became a nurse, and worked at Ladies' Villa, Ridge Lea Hospital, Lancaster.

On 14th August 1926, Laura married Henry Pedder, a railway clerk, who lived just down the road at 71 Dale Street. The marriage met with some disapproval from their respective parents, with neither side willing to accept a marriage taking place in the other's church (Henry's family were Catholics). There was some hypocrisy on both sides, as Henry's parents had themselves married in an Anglican church, and Laura's maternal grandfather George Roberts had been brought up as a Catholic. As a result, the marriage was a civil ceremony, taking place at Lancaster Register Office. After marrying, Henry and Laura lived at 18 Avondale Road, one of Laura's childhood homes. They had just one child:

  1. Joan Maureen Pedder

Shortly after Joan's birth, the family moved to 38 Newsham Place, Lancaster, and Laura continued to live there for nearly 50 years. She had given up her job as a nurse before Joan was born, but from the 1950s she worked as a craft teacher at evening classes. In 1959 she was elected as a Labour councillor for John o' Gaunt ward, on Lancaster City Council, and served in this capacity for three years.

By the time she reached her 80s, the house in Newsham Place was becoming too much for her, and she moved to sheltered housing in Hala Road, Lancaster. A few years later, following a fall from which she never fully recovered, she moved to Moor Platt nursing home in Caton, just outside Lancaster. She died at Lancaster Moor Hospital on 11th January 1988, at the age of 88.


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