The Pedder Pedigree

Pedder is probably an old form of 'pedlar', meaning an itinerant seller of goods. Alternatively, it may be a variation of the Christian name 'Peter'.

James Pedder (abt 1715 - 1790) [my 6x gt-grandfather]

James married Alice Fearclough (Fairclough) of Hambleton, at St Michael's on Wyre, Lancashire, on 11th April, 1738.

I have found eight children, probably all born in the the Rawcliffe area:

    James died in 1790 and was buried at St Michael's. His widow Alice was buried at Stalmine on 14th January, 1798.


    George Pedder (1743 - 1828)

    George was born in Upper Rawcliffe, and christened in the parish church of St Michael's-on-Wyre on 6 November 1743.

    He married Martha Gardner, the daughter of Mathew and Martha Gardner of St Michael's, at St Helen's, Churchtown, on 24 May 1773.

    I have identified five children:

    1. James Pedder, born about 1773 (see below)
    2. Matthew Pedder, baptised 2 June 1776 at Churchtown
    3. Peggy Pedder, baptised 26 January 1783 at Churchtown
    4. Martha Pedder, baptised 30 November 1788 at St Thomas, Garstang. Married George Cawson and settled in Forton.
    5. George Pedder, baptised 23 February 1794 at St Thomas, Garstang. Married Ann Smith, and after her death married Elizabeth Ball.

    The parish register entries describe George as a husbandman, of Garstang, except in 1776, when he was 'of Nateby'.

    He died in 1828, and although still 'of Garstang', he was buried in the parish of his birth, at St Michael's, on 20 Febuary 1828.

    Note: I have not found any direct evidence linking George to James (below), but the names that James gave his children, in particular Matthew and Martha (from the Gardner family) give support to this link. In addition, James's daughter Martha married John Pedder, who was the son of George Pedder (b. 1794) listed above. Martha and John were therefore first cousins if my assumption is correct.


    James Pedder (abt 1773 - 1847)

    James was born in Lancashire, probably in the Garstang area, some time around 1773 (sources give conflicting information). The parish register entry for his marriage gives his place of residence as Cockerham.

    He married Jennet Wilkinson, daughter of William Wilkinson of Garstang, at St Helen's, Churchtown, on 14th May, 1799 and they appear to have moved to Ellel, south of Lancaster, and later settled in Aldcliffe, a hamlet about 2 miles southwest of Lancaster. Ten children have been identified, probably all born in either Ellel or Aldcliffe. The family used three different churches for christening their children: the Ellel registers show James's residence as Ellel; the Lancaster and Forton registers show it as Aldcliffe. I have not yet found any baptisms of the youngest two children, but the 1851 census shows that they were both born in Aldcliffe.

    1. George Pedder, baptised at Ellel 17 November 1799. Married Nancy
    2. William Pedder, baptised at Ellel 7 Feb 1802, buried 12 April 1803
    3. Matthew Pedder, born 28 May 1805, baptised at St Mary's, Lancaster. Married Elizabeth Townson. A servant at Aldcliffe in 1841.
    4. James Pedder, born 31 May 1807, baptised at Ellel. Presumably died while young.
    5. John Pedder, born 20 October 1808, baptised at St Mary's, Lancaster. Married Martha Clark. An inmate of Lancaster Union Workhouse in 1871.
    6. Jane Pedder, baptised at Forton Independent Chapel 31 March 1811. A servant at Aldcliffe Hall in 1841. Married William Hobson.
    7. James Pedder, baptised at Forton Independent Chapel 23 May 1813. Married Elizabeth. A farmer at Aldcliffe in 1841.
    8. Martha Pedder, baptised at Forton Independent Chapel 9 July 1815. Married John Pedder, a cousin.
    9. William Pedder, born about 1818. Married Mary Ann Banks and moved to Skerton. Became a maltster.
    10. Thomas Pedder, born 1822 (see below)

    James is first recorded as living at Aldcliffe in 1805, where he would probably have been in the employment of the Dawson family, the owners of Aldcliffe Hall. The Dawsons were active in the development of the Congregationalist church movement in Lancashire, particularly the chapel at Forton, which probably explains why three of James's children were baptised there between 1811 and 1815. By 1825, members of the Pedder family were using the Congregationalist chapel at High Street, Lancaster: James's first grandchild was christened there in 1825, and the registers go on to record the marriages of four of his children and further christenings of grandchildren.

    James's occupation is given as 'labourer' in 1841, 'farmer' in 1843, 'Labourer at Aldcliffe Hall' at his burial. In 1841 there were 14 members of the Pedder family living in Aldcliffe, which was a significant proportion of the hamlet's total population of about 100.

    James died in 1847, and was buried at High Street Congregationalist Chapel, Lancaster, where there is a stone in the churchyard with the following inscription:

    for 26 years the faithful Servant of
    of Aldcliffe Hall
    who as a tribute of grateful esteem
    places over his remains this stone
    of Remembrance.
    He died rejoicing in the great
    Salvation of the Gospel
    th February 1847.
    Aged 77 Years.
    "the memory of the just is blessed"

    James left a will, in which he appointed Thomas Lewtas, a farmer in Aldcliffe, as executor. Beneficiaries were his widow and six children: Matthew, James, William, Thomas, Jane and Martha. His other sons George and John are not mentioned.

    By 1851, there were no Pedders remaining in Aldcliffe. His widow Jennet was living in Ann Street, Lancaster in 1851, with her son James, but at her death in 1858 she was again residing in Aldcliffe.


    Thomas Pedder (1822 - 1881)

    Thomas was born in (or about) 1822 in Aldcliffe, near Lancaster, the youngest son of James and Jennet Pedder.

    In 1841 he was living at Aldcliffe Hall, probably as some sort of servant - his occupation is shown in the census as 'A.P.' (apprentice?). Two years later, his marriage certificate, and his first son's birth certificate, give his occupation as Coach Maker.

    On 7th August 1843 Thomas married Ann Hodgson, the eldest daughter of John and Elizabeth Hodgson of Main Street, Skerton, near Lancaster; the wedding took place at High Street Congregationalist Chapel in Lancaster. Thomas and Ann initially lived in Main Street, Skerton, where their first child was born three months later.

    I know of two children, both born in Skerton:

    1. George Hodgson Pedder, born 30 November 1843 (see below)
    2. John Thomas Pedder, born 1848, died 1854

    By 1851, the family had moved away from Lancaster, and Gore's Directory of Liverpool shows Thomas living at 16 Holland Terrace, Brunswick Road. The 1851 census shows the family living at 31 West Street, in the West Derby district of Liverpool. Thomas was still working as a coach body maker, so it might have been an employment opportunity which took the family to Liverpool. It is possible that more children were born there, but none was present at the 1861 census, other than George. By 1859 the family had moved to 14 Hardwick Square, not far from their previous address, and they were still there in 1865. In 1871, Thomas and Anne were living in Smith Street, Warrington, but by 1876 they had returned to Liverpool and were residing in Haigh Street.

    Following his son George's death in 1877, Thomas took over the shop in Langsdale Street, Liverpool. He did not run the shop for long, however, as by 1879 it was in the hands of John Anderson, another coach builder. Thomas and Anne returned to live in Skerton.

    Thomas died on 21st January 1881, at Kiln Lane, Skerton. Anne died on 23rd July 1888 at Main Street, Skerton, the same street she lived in as a child.


    George Hodgson Pedder (1843 - 1877)

    George was the first child of Thomas and Ann Pedder, and was born in Skerton, near Lancaster, on 30th November 1843. He was christened on 21st December the same year, at High Street Congregationalist Chapel in Lancaster. He was christened again at the age of four in an Anglican church, St Luke's, Skerton, on 28th February 1848, at the same time as his younger brother. While he was still young, the family moved to Liverpool, to live at 31 West Street, and later 14 Hardwick Square, both in the West Derby district (the site of both these streets is now occupied by the Royal Liverpool Hospital). In 1861, at the age of 17, his occupation is blacksmith. The next address I have for him is 33 Daulby Street, Liverpool, prior to his marriage in 1869: by then, like his father, he had become a coach builder.

    He married Susannah Davies on 4th January 1869 at Liverpool Register Office. Susannah was the first daughter of William Davies (a stone engraver) by his Irish-born second wife Susan, of Upper Pitt Street, Liverpool. George and Susannah had three children, all born in Liverpool:

    1. Harriet Pedder, born June 1869. Died aged 12 weeks.
    2. Henry Pedder, born 4 August 1870 (see below)
    3. Bertha Pedder, born 30 October 1872. Married Robert Sanderson

    Records show a succession of different addresses for George: 10 Manfred Street (1869), 30 Greenside, Everton (1870-72), 102 Sutton Street, Stoneycroft (1873-74), 35 Exmouth Street (1875), 7A Wilmott Terrace (1876) and 18 Guilford Street (1877). The annual Gore's Directories of Liverpool also show that from 1875 he had a shop at 50 Langsdale Street.

    Local newspapers (and a national paper, The Era) from 1867 show that George was an amateur actor, and was a member of the theatre company of the Adelphi Theatre in Christian Street. He also performed at Pembroke Hall and the Rotunda.

    George died tragically early at the age of 33, from head injuries sustained in a fall from a trap. He died at Liverpool Royal Infirmary on 29th July 1877, and the circumstances of his death were described in the Daily Courier of Wednesday, August 1st:

    FATAL FALL OUT OF A TRAP - An inquest was held before the borough coroner yesterday upon the body of George H. Pedder, 32 years of age, a coachbuilder, of 38, Guilford-street. The deceased and Mr. S.E. Jones, car proprietor, Langsdale-street, were riding in a trap along Renshaw-street, on the 22nd July. Mr. Jones was driving, and the trap jerked a little, which caused deceased to fall out. One of his eyes was injured, but after getting it dressed he was able to resume the journey. Inflammation of the brain subsequently set in, and deceased died on Sunday. The jury returned a verdict of "Accidental death."

    He was buried in Anfield Cemetery on 1st August. I have not yet discovered what became of his widow.


    Henry Pedder (1870 - 1944)

    Henry was born on 4th August 1870, at 10 Upper Pitt Street, Liverpool, the home of his maternal grandparents. Childhood addresses included 30 Greenside, Everton; 102 Sutton Street, Tue Brook; and 18 Guilford Street. He was christened, along with his younger sister Bertha, at St John the Baptist Church, Tue Brook, on 1st June, 1873. Following the early death of his father, he and Bertha were sent to Ripley Hospital, Lancaster. This was an endowed school founded by Julia Ripley, the widow of a Liverpool merchant, for the education of orphans and fatherless children from Liverpool and Lancaster.

    By 1891 he was living (as a boarder) at 113 Main Street, Skerton, and had obtained a job as a clerk with one of the railway companies in Lancaster (probably the Midland Railway). Prior to his marriage in 1896, he was living at 45 Lune Street, Skerton.

    Henry married Alice Park at St Thomas's Church, Lancaster, on 23rd January 1896. Alice was the youngest daughter of Jane Park, a former beer house keeper, and her late husband Robert. For some years following their marriage, Henry and Alice lived with Alice's mother at 28 Thurnham Street, Lancaster.

    They had 5 children:

    1. Henry Pedder, born 27 August 1896 (see below)
    2. Jane Pedder, born 1898. Died aged 10, of heart disease.
    3. Archibald Pedder, born March 1901. Married Hilda Keetley. Worked for the Gas Board in Lancaster. Died in 1965, in Cheshire.
    4. Mabel Pedder, born 1903-4. Remained unmarried, died in Lancaster in 1958.
    5. Kathleen Pedder, born 1906-7. Died aged 4, of meningitis.

    The children were brought up as Catholics, in line with the traditions of the Park family. The family, including Alice's mother, later moved to a large terraced house at 71 Dale Street, Lancaster. The loss of two of their children, due to illnesses, in the space of less than two years, must have been very distressing. Henry continued to work as a railway clerk: in 1911 he was employed by the Midland Railway Company, and following the Railway Grouping of 1923 worked for the London, Midland and Scottish Railway. His final post was Chief Clerk at Morecambe Goods station, prior to his retirement in 1932 after 45 years service. He was branch secretary of the Railway Clerks' Association from 1906 to 1943.

    He was a keen rower, and joined the John o' Gaunt Rowing Club in 1892; he was Club Captain 1904-05, and Secretary of the club from 1925 until his death.

    He was treasurer of Lancaster Trades and Labour Council for several years. In 1937 he stood for election as a Labour councillor on Lancaster City Council, but was not successful.

    Henry and Alice moved to 9 Chester Place, Lancaster in the early 1940s. Henry died at home on 12th March 1944 at the age of 73, and was buried in Lancaster Cemetery.


    Henry Pedder (1896 - 1957)

    Henry (known as Harry) was the first child of Henry and Alice Pedder, and was born on 27th August 1896, at 28 Thurnham Street, Lancaster. By 1909 the family had moved to 71 Dale Street, Lancaster, and it would have been here that he met his future wife, Laura Violet Price, who lived at number 91.

    Harry probably started work at the age of 14, initially as a labourer at a table baize manufacturer's. He had won a place at Lancaster Royal Grammar School, but was persuaded to turn this down and go to work instead. Later, he followed his father's example and became a railway clerk. He served with the Grenadier Guards and the Royal Engineers (Railway Unit) in the First World War.

    Harry married Laura Violet Price on 14th August 1926. The marriage met with some disapproval from their respective parents, with neither side willing to accept a marriage taking place in the other's church. There was some hypocrisy on both sides, as Harry's parents had themselves married in an Anglican church, and Laura's maternal grandfather George Roberts had been brought up as a Catholic. As a result, the marriage was a civil ceremony, taking place at Lancaster Register Office. After marrying, Harry and Laura lived at 18 Avondale Road, Lancaster, where they had just one child:

    1. Joan Maureen Pedder

    In 1933, the family moved to 38 Newsham Place, Lancaster.

    Like his father, Harry was active in community affairs. He was treasurer of Lancaster Trades Council, and was active in the Workers' Educational Association. He also served as a magistrate from 1943.

    He twice stood for election as a Labour councillor for Scotforth Ward, but was unsuccessful on both occasions.

    Harry latterly worked as Accounts Clerk in the British Railways District Engineer's Office in Castle Park, Lancaster. Shortly after retiring, he died at home on 13th February, 1957, and was buried in Scotforth Cemetery.


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