Class 501, Headstone Lane A Class 501 3rd-rail d.c. electric multiple unit at Headstone Lane, with the 16.05 Watford Junction to Euston service on 12 May 1985. These units also worked North London line services between Richmond and Broad Street, but were replaced by Class 313 trains
Class 47, Ely Before electrification and resignalling, 47566 arrives at Ely with the 15.05 King's Lynn to London (Liverpool Street) on 10 August.
DEMU at East Grinstead Another route to see electrification during the 1980s was the line from Croydon to East Grinstead. Diesel-electric multiple unit no. 1105 is about to leave East Grinstead with the 16.08 to London (Victoria) on 27 April.
Class 20, Havenhouse The Class 20s which ran to Skegness during the summer were popular with railway enthusiasts. 20085 and 20190 head the 09.29 Derby to Skegness through Havenhouse on 20 July 1985. Note the GN 'somersault' signal.

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