DMU, Glasgow A Class 126 "Inter-City" diesel unit departing from Glasgow Central on the 12.00 to Ayr, on 18 August 1981. These trains worked Ayrshire coast services until the lines to Ayr and Largs were electrified in the mid-80s.
Park Royal DMU, Machynlleth Another class of DMU which disappeared during the 1980s was the Park Royal Class 103. An example is seen here at Machynlleth, on the 10.42 to Pwllheli, on 12 August.
Class 506 EMU, Manchester Piccadilly A Class 506 1500V d.c. electric multiple unit, M59601M, at Manchester Piccadilly on 8 July, with the 12.00 to Hadfield. These trains were built to an LNER design and introduced in 1954. They worked services between Manchester, Glossop and Hadfield until the line was converted to 25kV a.c. in 1984
Class 76, Torside Shortly before the closure of the line and the withdrawal of the Class 76 electric locomotives, 76039 and 76038 approach Torside with a loaded MGR coal train, on the Woodhead route between Sheffield and Manchester. The date is 8 July 1981.

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