103 111 arriving at Würzburg with the 05.58 Köln - Wien "Johann Strauss" on 8 October 1989. The Class 103 locomotives were the mainstay of Inter-City services in (West) Germany from 1969 until they were diplaced by ICE high-speed trains. The last ones were withdrawn from regular service in 2003, but a few have been preserved.
The ICE3, capable of 330km/h, is the latest version of German high-speed train, built to take advantage of the Köln - Frankfurt Neubaustrecke. Unit 403 028 stands at Frankfurt Flughafen station with the 11.13 Basel to Dortmund service, on 4 January 2003.
290 316 departs from Kassel Hbf with the 18.10 to Volkmarsen on 28 May 1992. This class of diesel locomotive is rarely seen on passenger duties.
99 1749 climbs away from Bertsdorf with the 14.10 Zittau - Kurort Jonsdorf, on 19 April 1991. At the time, this narrow-gauge line in the southeast corner of Germany was operated by the state-owned Deutsche Reichsbahn, but is now privately operated.
DB Class 111 at Düsseldorf Flughafen 111 119 arriving at Düsseldorf Flughafen station with a Regional Express service from Düsseldorf Hbf to Hamm, on 7 August 2003.

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