Main line steam survived into the 21st century in China, but has now disappeared. The one remaining stronghold in 2005 was the JiTong line which traverses Inner Mongolia. This photo was taken in freezing conditions on 22 February 2005, and shows a westbound train of empty coal wagons ascending the gradient west of Lindong, with QJ (Qian Jin, meaning "advance") class locomotive QJ6891 in charge.
DF4 at Reshui
DF49518 and DF40490 cross a viaduct near Reshui on the JiTong line, with a westbound freight on 25 February 2005.
A freight train approaches Kunming, from the direction of Chengdu, on 6 April 1997, with DF1501 at the head. DF stands for Dong Feng, "East Wind".
DF4D3015 at Yumen, in Gansu province, with Train 198, the 16.08 Ürümqi to Zhengzhou, on 20 September 2000.
SS30319 and SS30493 await departure from Kunming station on 7 April 1997, with the 12.30 to Guangzhou.

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