Class 303, Allerton A number of Class 303 electric units were transferred from the Glasgow area to North-west England for a short time in the 1980s. This is 303 067 at Allerton, with the 14.23 Crewe to Liverpool on 4 June 1983.
Class 33/1, Bath An unidentified Class 33/1 locomotive approaching Bath with a Portsmouth - Cardiff service in April 1983.
Class 507, Hunt's Cross 507020 at Hunts Cross, near Liverpool, with the 14.33 to Kirkby on 4 June. The Merseyrail d.c. electrified network had been extended to Hunts Cross the previous month.
92220 "Evening Star" at York BR ran a regular steam service, the "Scarborough Spa Express", between Leeds, York and Scarborough during the summer. On 11 August it was worked by 92220 "Evening Star", pictured at York on the evening return journey.

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