Rc2 1086 awaits departure from Mora on 23 May 1992, with the 15.40 to Uppsala.
One of Sweden's X2000 high-speed tilting trains, number X2034, departing from Malmö station on 18 August 2001, forming the 10.52 København to Göteborg service.
A train of empty iron ore wagons approaching Gällivare in Northern Sweden, hauled by triple unit 1226+1242+1225, on 21 May 1992.
The Inlandsbanan runs from south to north over 1000km through sparsely populated countryside, eventually reaching the iron ore mining town of Gällivare, north of the Arctic Circle. In this picture, passengers gather on the platform before re-boarding the 07.44 Östersund - Mora at Sveg, where it had paused for a 2½ hour lunch break, on 23 May 1992. At this time a year-round service operated on the line, but it has now been reduced to a "tourist" service operating for just 12 weeks during the summer.
SJ Class Rc6 at Hallsberg Rc6 1421 at Hallsberg, at the head of the 07.30 Stockholm to Göteborg via Västerås, on 16 September 1999.

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