Spain - Narrow Gauge

This page shows photos of the FEVE and Basque Railways metre-gauge lines in Northern Spain

Bilbao Atxuri Eusko Trenbideak (Basque Railways) metre-gauge trains at Bilbao Atxuri station on 7 March 1990.
FEVE dmu at Collanzo FEVE diesel unit 2475/2425 at Collanzo, south of Oviedo, with the 11.25 to Ablaña, on 17 September 2008.
FEVE locomotives at El Berron FEVE electro-diesel locomotives 1910 and 1907 at El Berrón, near Oviedo, on 17 September 2008..
FEVE emu at El Berron FEVE articulated electric unit 3627 at El Berrón on 16 September 2008, with the 15.51 Laviano to Gijón service.
euskotren unit at San Sebastian Basque Railways electric unit 205 at San Sebastián (Amara), after arriving with the 14.57 from Bilbao on 18 September 2008.

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