363.003 passes through Ljubljana station on 17 September 1996 with an eastbound freight train
664-115 at the branch terminus of Ajdovščina, with the 15.25 to Nova Gorica on 14 March 2001, formed of two 4-wheeled coaches.
One of Slovenian Railways' new Siemens 'Desiro' electric units, number 312-004/003, was used on the 09.25 Sežana - Ljubljana on 16 March 2001. It is seen here at Divača.
715-109 at Sevnica, on the Ljubljana - Zagreb main line, after arriving with an afternoon service from Novo Mesto, on 16 March 2001.
S Class 541 at Sevnica 541-011 at Sevnica, with the 21.40 Zrich - Beograd service on 31 August 2009.

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