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ŽS Class 441 at Valjevo, Serbia The Class 441 is Serbian Ralways' medium-power electric locomotive. 441-316 stands at Valjevo with a stopping train to Bijelo Polje, on 22 October 2004.
ŽS Class 461 at Valjevo, Serbia Class 461 locomotives are used on express passenger workings. This is 461-124 at Valjevo on 22 October 2004, with the 10.10 Beograd - Bar service, which was restarting from Valjevo after a bus substitution between Vreoci and Valjevo because of track relaying. The line to Bar (in Montenegro) was opened in 1976 and passes through some spectacular mountain scenery on its way to the Adriatic coast.
ŽS Class 444 at Beograd (Belgrade) The 10.10 to Bar awaiting departure from Beograd on 29 April 2008.
ŽS Class 661 at Niš 661-152 at Niš, ready to take the 07.50 Beograd - Sofia over the unelectrified section to the Bulgarian border, on 23 April 2009.
CMKS shunter at Beograd (Belgrade) Shunting locomotive 709.701 bringing empty stock into Beograd station on 21 October 2004, ready to work the 13.30 to Banja Luka (Bosnia). The locomotive carries the logo of CMKS, a Czech hire company.

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