This page shows scenes in European Russia.  Asian Russia pictures can be found in the 'rest of the world' section of this site: click here to view.

2M62-0845 and 2M62-0786 draw a heavy freight train out of Kedrozero station, near Petrozavodsk in Karelia, on 17 June 1993.
A view of Murmansk station on the evening of 13 June 1993, as crowds gather on the platform to see away friends and relatives on the 20.20 departure to Moscow, a 39-hour journey.
In June 1993 the Locomotive Club of Great Britain organised a special train from St Petersburg to Pechenga on the Kola Peninsula, with steam haulage for most of the journey. Several 'run-pasts' were performed for the benefit of photographers. This one shows ER-770-72 between Luostari and Pechenga, nearly 200 miles (300km) north of the Arctic Circle.
At Kirov station on the Trans-Siberian main line, ChS4T-281 backs onto the weekly Moscow to Beijing (via Mongolia) train, on 19 March 1997. This train formed one stage of my York to Hong Kong rail journey.
ChS7 at Moscow (Moskva Yaroslavskiy) ChS-144 at Moskva Yaroslavskiy station, at the head of the "Rossiya" on 11 July 2006. This train, the 21.25 to Vladivostok, will reach its destination on the Pacific coast after travelling eastwards for 7 nights.

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