Portugal uses Italian-designed tilting trains on the Lisboa - Porto main line, being marketed as 'Alfa Pendular'. At the time this photograph was taken, four services in each direction were being operated by these trains, which were running at a maximum speed of 160km/h (100mph), but both speed and frequency have since been increased (now up to 220km/h in places). 544005 forms the 17.00 Porto Campanhã to Lisboa Santa Apolónia on 6 March 2000.
Railcar 030306 at Covilhã on 19 February 1996. This unit had just arrived on the 12.30 from Guarda, a very scenic route in Eastern Portugal.
The Portuguese 1800 class of locomotives were built by English Electric and were based on the British Rail Class 50. For many years they hauled express pasenger trains on the Algarve main line south from Lisboa (Barreiro), but they were later relegated to freight duties and have now all been withdrawn. 1807 is seen here at Tunes on the 08.35 Barreiro to Vila Real de Santo António (Guadiana), on 17 February 1996.
The railway along the Douro valley and the (now closed) branches to Vila Real and Mirandela are among the most scenic in Europe. The narrow-gauge branch from Tua to Mirandela still had locomotive-hauled passenger trains until a few years ago. 9029 stands at Tua with a Mirandela train on 22 February 1996. Sadly, most of this branch line has now closed.
  1907 brings the 14.15 Faro - Barreiro into Tunes on 23 February 1989.

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