Class Di3 locomotive 3 623 stands at Åndalsnes with the 16.30 to Dombås on 14 September 1999.
One of the new "Flytog" units on the express service between Oslo and the new airport at Gardermoen . The location is Lillestrøm on 12 September 1999.
11 2098 stands at the head of the 11.00 to Myrdal, at Flåm, on 3 October 1989. This branch line is one of the most spectacular in Europe, climbing steeply from Flåm at the head of the Aurlandsfjord, to Myrdal up in the mountains at the junction with the Oslo to Bergen line.
68 05 arriving at Kjelsås, in Oslo's northern suburbs, with the 08.42 Hakadal to Skøyen on 4 October 1989.
18 2251 at Bergen, working the 14.58 to Oslo on 1 June 2003

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