Northern Ireland

Hunslet 103 at Bangor Hunslet locomotive 103 "Merlin" at the rear of the 19.00 to Lisburn, at Bangor on 24 August 1982.
NIR 111 at Dublin Connolly Northern Ireland Railways (NIR) bought three locomotives from General Motors in the early 1980s, for use on Belfast - Dublin expresses. 111 "Great Northern" is seen here at Dublin Connolly station on 12 September 1987, with vintage stock to be used for filming. These locomotives have been displaced by the newer 201 Class, and now see little use.
DEMU at Londonderry Diesel unit 8452 "Olderfleet Castle" at Londonderry (Waterside) station on 25 January 1999, after arriving with the 13.25 from Belfast Central. The "Castle Class" units were taken out of service in 2011/12, and Waterside station has since been rebuilt and relocated.
Token exchange at Ballymena Token exchange and somersault signal at Ballymena, September 1987.
Class 300 DMU at Sydenham All NIR internal services are now worked by the Spanish-built 3000 and 4000 Class units. 3008 calls at Sydenham in the Belfast suburbs with the 12.00 Portadown to Bangor on 10 September 2005.

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