Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

441-506 at Skopje on 12 February 1997, at the head of the 06.00 Thessaloniki to Beograd express.
661-237 has just arrived at Skopje with the 06.25 from Bitola. 12 February 1997
Class 412 at Skopje Riga-built EMU 412-055 at Skopje, on the 16.50 to Gevgelija on 23 October 2014
Class 712 at Veles DMU 712-102/101 pauses at Veles on 23 October 2014, while working the 12.45 Bitola to Skopje service.
Class 642 at Veles The Kočani branch sees just one passenger train each way per day. This was the 15.22 Skopje to Kočani seen at the junction station of Veles, on 22 October 2014, headed by 642-403

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