Republic of Ireland

205 "Abhainn na Feoire" awaits departure from Killarney, with the 14.20 Tralee - Dublin on 21 April 1995. This class of locomotive now works almost all express services within the Republic
A scene from the past, at Howth, shortly before the electric DART suburban services commenced operation. Here, driving trailer 6111 is at the head of the 11.42 to Dublin Pearse, on 20 August 1982. Locomotive 219 was at the rear of this train.
'A' class locomotive 041 at Limerick, at the head of the 11.40 to Limerick Junction on 21 August 1982.
154 at Cobh on the 15.55 to Cork on 21 January 1999. Steam heating is in use. Most services on the Cork - Cobh branch are worked by the new Japanese-built 'Arrow' diesel multiple units.
29000 Class at Dublin Connolly Spanish-built outer suburban diesel unit 29009 at Dublin Connolly after arrival with the 17.55 from Drogheda, on 11 September 2005.

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