V43 1352 at Budapest Keleti with the 10.05 to Sopron on 18 October 1991.
M61 001 at the head of the 11.55 Budapest - Zalaegerszeg, at Székesferhérvar, on 4 June 1993.
M47 2046 stands in the rain at Lepseny, with a single passenger coach forming the 09.50 to Veszprém, 4 June 1993.
Narrow-gauge diesel Mk48 2021 at Kiskunmajsa K. K. (narrow-gauge station), after arriving with the 08.15 from Kecskemet K. K. on 23 October 1995. At the time of my visit, this line had 3 trains per day, with the first one departing from Kiskunmajsa at 03.26 (in the morning!). The trains had wooden seats and a coal-burning stove for heating. This line is set to close in December 2009.

GySEV Class 1047 at Budapest Kelenföld

The Győr Sopron Ebenfurti Vasút (GySEV) is an Austro-Hungarian railway company, partly owned by the state railways of Austria and Hungary. In this picture, "Taurus" locomotive 1047 501 is seen at Kelenföld, in the Budapest suburbs, at the head of the 11.40 Budapest Keleti to Győr on 28 April 2008.

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