Czech Republic

363 070 at Smíchov station in Praha (Prague), with the 11.34 Františkovy Láznĕ to Vsetin "Bečva".
Class 810 railbuses provide the services on many rural branch lines in the Czech Republic and Slovakia (and in Hungary, where they are classed as Bzmot). 810.259 is seen approaching Kořenov station, working the 19.10 Harrachov to Tanvald on 6 August 1998. On this line the steep gradient out of Tanvald is equipped with a rack rail, but this is no longer used.
113.001 stands at Bechyně on 7 August 1998, with an evening service to Tábor. The Bechynĕ branch has a d.c. electrification system, whereas the main line at Tábor is a.c., which means that the Class 113 locomotives are confined to the branch.
705.906 negotiates the overgrown tracks at Blažejov, with the 10.13 Nová Bystřice to Jindřichův Hradec on 8 August 1998. This narrow-gauge line, in a popular holiday area near the Austrian border, has steam trains in summer.
Class 242 at Ceske Budejovice 242 275, in need of a paint job, stands at České Budějovice with a named train, "Rozmberk", the 04.16 from Bohumín to Plzeň, on 7 December 2001

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