1804 at Brussels Midi, at the head of the 15.04 "Watteau" Trans-European Express service to Paris on 2 December 1994. These distinctively-styled locomotives, together with the stainless-steel-bodied TEE coaches, have now been superseded by the "Thalys" TGVs.
The steep gradient on the main line out of Ličge towards Brussels means that heavier trains are banked. For many years 2383 was the regular banking locomotive, and it is seen here giving a shove to the 07.03 Köln - Oostende service on 28 March 1987.
5201 at Dinant, on the 07.09 Braine-le-Compte to Virton, on 4 May 1989.
The ornate station at Binche, at the end of a branch line in Southern Belgium, photographed on 13 December 1999.
SNCB/NMBS Class 13 near Verviers The Class 13 is Belgian Railways' express passenger and heavy freight locomotive. 1313 is seen here approaching Verviers, at the head of the 16.11 Eupen to Oostende IC service on 28 May 2004.

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