M62 at Brest M62-1166 at Brest, with the 17.25 to Minsk on 16 March 1997. Brest is the border town near the Polish frontier, and has a very impressive station building.
bogie-changing at Brest A Russian sleeping car inside the bogie-changing shed at Brest. Cross-border trains are jacked up, with passengers still on board, in order that the bogies can be exchanged from standard gauge to Russian 1524mm broad gauge or vice-versa. The train here is the Frankfurt-Moskva "Jan Kiepura" on 8 July 2006.
RZhD Class ChS4 at Brest, Belarus RZhD (Russian Railways) locomotive ChS4T375 at the head of the Brussels-Moskva "Ost-West Express", at Brest station on 16 March 1997.

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