Austria's standard express passenger locomotive was, until recently, the Class 1044. In this picture, 1044 270 waits at Wien Westbahnhof with the 19.20 "Donauwaltzer" overnight service to Brussels on 2 May 1999.
ÖBB Class 2143 at Laßnitzhöhe 2143 058 arrives at Laßnitzhöhe with the 15.53 Szentgotthárd - Graz, while on the left 2143 030 waits to enter the single line section ahead with the 16.40 Graz to Wien via Friedberg.
1 May 1999
ÖBB Class 5081 railbus at Erzberg The steeply-graded route between Vordernberg and Eisenerz closed in the 1980s, but in recent years a tourist service has operated on summer weekends. During an unseasonally cold spell on 15 September 1996, the 10.20 Vordernberg Markt to Eisenerz, worked by railbus 5081.563, pauses at Erzberg.
ÖBB Class 2091 at Gstadt Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) used to operate a number of narrow-gauge lines, including the one seen here from Waidhofen an der Ybbs to Lunz am See and Ybbsitz. The picture shows 2091 007 arriving at the junction station of Gstadt, at the head of the 10.46 from Ybbsitz, on 19 October 1991. Trains ceased running on most of this narrow-gauge network during 2009, and from December 2010 only the Waidhofen to Gstadt section remained, operated by the Niederösterreich province.
ÖBB Class 1116 Taurus ÖBB's latest express passenger locomotive is the Siemens "Taurus" design, which can also be found in other European countries. The "railjet" brand has been introduced for the principal expresses on the München - Salzburg - Wien - Budapest axis, but on 25 July 2009, 1116 221 was being used on a Regional service, the 10.58 from Stockerau to Krems an der Donau. It is picured here at Stockerau.

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