T669-1057 at Vorë T669-1057 at Vorë station with the 13.15 Kashar to Durrës train on 27 September 2015
T669-1041 at Shkodër T669-1054 has just arrived at Shkodër with the 13.00 from Durrës on 27 September 2015
T669-1054 at Kashar The main station in Tiranë closed in 2013 for redevelopment, and until a new station has been built, the Albanian capital is being served by this small new station at Kashar, 7km from the centre. T669-1054 has just arrived at Kashar with the 12.00 from Durrës on 28 September 2015. The smartly repainted locomotive and stock make a stark contrast with the stock used on other services in the country.
T669-1059 at Fier T669-1059 stands in the evening sunshine at Fier, after arrival with the 13.15 from Kashar (via Durrës) on 28 September. Trains no longer continue south of here to Vlorë.
T669-1046 at Vidhas During my three days travelling on Albanian railways, I saw just two freight trains. One was this coal train waiting to head west from the colliery sidings at Vidhas, near Elbasan, with T669-1046 at the head. 29 September 2015

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